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FREE DEMO An epic companion to Bravely Default

Starting January 2, an extensive free to play demo for Bravely Default will be available on Nintendo eShop. Up to 20 StreetPass tags, any registered Nintendo 3DS friends, and some useful item packs will all transfer directly into the main version of the game.

See it in action!

HEROES of the Aftermath

In this side story, the four heroes from Bravely Default are dispatched to help rebuild the ruined town of Norende after it is devastated by The Great Chasm, a cataclysmic event.

EMBARK on unique quests

Battle your way through 7 special quests found only in the demo version of the game, and take on 4 tough bosses. You can even earn helpful items that will transfer to the main game.

Hone your tactics & STRATEGY

The Brave and Default commands are critical to success in the demo, just as they are in the main game. Put the innovative battle system through its paces, and see what it takes to help the towns of Ancheim and Norende.

Try some JOBS on for size

Aquire jobs then level up your characters to get new abilities. There are 24 possible jobs in the main game, and you can try out 9 in the demo, allowing for a high degree of customization.

Get the demo

On your Nintendo 3DS system, go the HOME menu, tap the L + R buttons to activate the camera, tap the QR Code® icon, and then scan the code.