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BUILD characters your own way

The four playable characters come with their own personalities and historical baggage, but you can also shape them into a unique fighting force by assigning them primary and secondary jobs. Each job offers a distinctive discipline and special abilities.

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Every job has a purpose

There will certainly be a time and place for brute force in battles, but there will also be plenty of situations that demand magic, healing abilities, and other skills. Find the right mixture of jobs to create a strong, versatile party.

Find your ideal Bravely Default job


Jacks-of-all-trades who can use all equipment fairly well, but have no special abilities.


With high HP and strong attack abilities, these contemplative combatants find inner peace by taking pieces out of enemies.

White Mage

These healers use White Magic to support the party and keep the battle going.

Black Mage

Equip these Black Magic warriors with rods so they can lay waste to enemies in a single stroke.


Your traditional, all-around sword fighter with excellent defense and offense. With the right tools—swords, shields and armor—they'll get the job done.


Stealing is wrong, of course, but your enemies didn't really need all that stuff, anyway. The thief is there to lighten their load.


Who says you can't throw money at a problem? These go-getters make money fast and have powerful—and pricey—abilities that help out in a pinch.


These powerful sword fighters imbue their weapons with elemental magic to increase attack damage.

Time Mage

The fourth-dimension is a but a plaything to these time-manipulating mages. Use them to set the pace of battle.


Use these accurate archers to target enemy weak points and deal heavy damage.


Summoners can conjure otherworldly beings that deliver devastating attacks.


Leap into battles as a Valkyrie with acrobatic spear attacks.

Red Mage

Black and white doesn't make red, but these mages are equally skilled at both types of magic.


Need to take down enemies in a pinch? Salve-Makers have an item for that.


They might have daggers and staves, but these weaponized warblers prefer to kill it on the stage—and raise their party's stats in the process.


Equipped with axes and powerful attacks, Pirates will swab the decks with any enemies foolish enough to get in their way.


These sleek, slippery assassins can cut down foes quickly with a blade in each hand.


Astute students of combat, Swordmasters can easily anticipate enemy movements and deliver powerful counterattacks.


If lethal magic is in your game plan, these Black Magic specialists can eliminate sleeping foes or enemies with status ailments.


Boost your party's BP and manipulate the elements with these super-charged healers.


Templars excel at both attacking and guarding, and they can even boost their BP capacity to increase their moves.

Dark Knight

Unleash a barrage of ferocious attacks—and sacrifice some HP—with these offensive powerhouses.


Much like their blood-guzzling namesakes, Vampires drain HP and abilities from their foes.


Conjurers offer magical support by harnessing the power of summons to boost stats.